Wednesday, January 24, 2007


These are vertiginous, thrilling times for music fans. Where once my only options were CDs and radio, I can now deploy a battery of devices, platforms, and formats to enjoy the music I already own and to find more. Most of us are only now starting to unlock the potential of our iPods, but the pace of change in the digital-music sphere is such that even the pleasures of spinning the wheels on our nanos will soon seem old hat. As I’m writing this, I’m playing a Flash-based MP3 blog extractor called Hype Machine. It’s a simple Web-based application that sucks songs mentioned in music blogs into an Internet radio stream...

- Michael Hirschorn, in The Digital-Music Mosh Pit, from the Jan/Feb Atlantic.


Etymology: Latin vertiginosus, from vertigin-, vertigo
1 a : characterized by or suffering from vertigo or dizziness b : inclined to frequent and often pointless change : INCONSTANT
2 : causing or tending to cause dizziness
3 : marked by turning : ROTARY
- ver·tig·i·nous·ly adverb


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